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Publish It Now! From Blank Page to Bestseller

The “Publish It Now!” book is the first-ever guide to the modern publishing process based on book pre-sales, crowd funding and self-publishing for independent writers like you.

This book is not a tutorial on how to write or a guide for developing story ideas for your book project. Publish It Now! is a compilation of a three part series of books available for both the Kindle and the Nook.

  • Get Paid To Write Your Book
  • How To Publish Your eBook
  • Your Guaranteed Bestseller

Two of the books became top 10 bestsellers in their category at

As an added bonus the author has also included a never before published section on the power of QR Codes to enhance your book by providing bonus features and collecting reader contact information for your future book marketing efforts.

Buy it now at Amazon or contact us for a free electronic version.